"For you are all children of God through faith in Christ Jesus."

Galatians 3:26

New City Children’s Ministry is for all kids from preschoolers through 5th grade! Due to Covid, we have temporarily suspended in-person Children's Sunday School and Children's Worship programs. Instead, each Sunday during the church services we will show a 4-minute Bible story video from The Gospel Project curriculum. Activity sheets corresponding with each week's Bible story video will be distributed to families attending an in-person service, and for those watching via live-stream, printable activity sheets along with a link to Marianne teaching that Sunday's Bible lesson will be sent out via email each week.  If you do not currently recieve the NCF Children's Ministry emails weekly, please contact Marianne at Our hope is that we make spiritual content easily available for all our kids, without adding additional work for quarantine-stretched parents!   

Our Vision and Goals:

  • Children’s Ministry at NCF wants to help kids know Jesus and then help them reflect Him in everything they do. Kids will learn about Jesus’ life by looking into the Bible, they will hear the Good News of Salvation, practice reconciliation, have opportunities to reach out and touch the lives of other people at home and abroad, and become part of the Church Body.
  • We believe that God has given Christian parents a responsibility to nurture their children in faith, and we happily come alongside to partner with parents on this journey of discipling their kids to know and follow Jesus. In both our Children's Sunday School and Children's Worship programs, we are using The Gospel Project curriculum (go to for more info).  This curriculum uses a Gospel-centered approach to show kids how every story in Scripture points to Jesus and God's plan to redeem us through his life, death and resurrection.  We also love that this curriculum is multi-media, which makes it adaptable for kids of all differing abilities and learning styles. 
  • Our mission is to come alongside families in introducing kids to Jesus by teaching and discipling them through the whole Bible, and as we do this to emphasize the New City core values of Sonship, Reconciliation, God's Kingdom Plan, Team Ministry, Humility/Humble Circumstances, Trials and The Promises of God.  We also desire all our children to become communing members of the church, as God leads and in His timing.

We want to connect with your family!

There are many ways to be involved with Children’s Ministry at New City! Our needs range from teaching and helping positions to writing cards to visiting families, organizing supplies, and donating materials like crayons and glue sticks. If the Lord is calling you to work with children, then trust that He has already equipped you to do so and that all you need to do is to step out in faith.