Mission and Vision

Our Vision

New City Fellowship exists to humbly announce the good news of the kingdom of God in Christ by discipling the nations in the reconciling Gospel of Jesus Christ through a clear proclamation of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone, and by doing Spirit-led deeds of justice and mercy that will help bring God’s restorative peace to his people, the city of St. Louis and the nations of the earth until the end of time, when the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of Christ and of God.  

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our mission

We are committed to being a church where all the nations God has placed within the St. Louis community are welcomed to experience the reconciling love of God in Jesus Christ
  • through a restored relationship with God and with one another across all racial, social and economic divisions
  • through redeemed multi-cultural worship where the delight of God in us and our delight in Him is experienced
  • through Christian community relationships where fellowship, love, increased knowledge of God and a commitment to take care of all basic human need is practiced
  • and, through an equipping of the people of God that mobilizes each member to be a part of extending God’s justice and mercy to the nations and proclaims the unsearchable love of God in Christ Jesus to St. Louis and throughout the world.

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