noel sengele

Noel became a Christian in Kinshasa, Congo in 1985, and became involved with GBU (the french version of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship) while in college from 1986-1991.  In 1998 he became a leader in the Church of LaBorne Kinshasa Cite Verte and remained there until 2004.  At that time he was granted a green card and moved to the United States, where he became involved with New City Fellowship St. Louis.  Noel assisted Pastor Leon Mukendi in ministering to the french speaking community, both in preaching the word and in helping immigrants adjust to the complex U.S. culture.  When Pastor Mukendi returned to Congo in 2016, Noel stepped into the lead pastoral role.  Noel is married with three children, and considers nothing as tremendous as serving the Lord.